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Renovare is a Leonese company that looks for sustainable footwear and uses PET to make it

Within social entrepreneurship, ecology and sustainability have begun to integrate even minimally to our state; Renovare seeks to be the first Leonese company to make a 100 percent ecological shoe.

Only on September 29, the brand was launched, but the project led by Jorge Castro and Mario López, has been planning, research and development for six years. They, together with the designers Fernanda Aguilar, Zayra Quilantan and Saúl Marín, have taken this dream to reality.

Although long time Jorge Castro, shoemaker family, understood that his goal was to manufacture a different, ecological and sustainable shoe; At the beginning of this project, they first had to understand what sustainability, ecology, what it is to be biodegradable and all the concepts included in this philosophy.

The first prototype was made based on tree bark mixed with a resin that allowed it to be molded into a shape and finished as a usable shoe, although in definition it was not ecological. Thus they continued with experiments, tests and errors, materials that applied in one category and in another not. In this search they realized that to make a truly sustainable shoe they needed to find a material created through waste.

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