Our history

There is a question that every human being is made sooner or later: Why am I here ?.

It is simply innate behavior to seek our origin and our purpose in life. One day while I was walking in a wooded area as a child, thinking about my family, especially my father, whom the last days of summer, had accompanied the work.

Seeing him full of determination made me wonder many things; And seeing the birds flying over me, landing in their nests with their young and feeding them from peak to peak, other ideas began to flutter in my mind as if they were their wings.

Life is the greatest miracle of all. The world full of it. Mountains, deserts, forests and oceans. Life covers every corner of the Earth. Likewise, different creatures envelop with inhabit and give meaning to this world; And the idea of ​​how each species had a specific function, fulfilling roles in perfect harmony, never ceased to amaze me.

I then related it to what my father did and his characteristic determination. I decided that I too was destined for something big, I just had to find what. I spent some of my weekends in conversations that became endless with what would be more than my partner and best friend, Mario ‘Dann’ (Daniel) Lopez. Our ideas flew together as we philosophized about different aspects of life.

My father was involved in the footwear industry and with each summer he spent with him, the more he learned. With each day that I learned to work, the more I became convinced that there was something more, something more that I had to do … I could do.

At seventeen I designed my first pair of sandals, I decided to risk starting to contribute directly to the company and try my luck in business. As in everything, there were ups and downs, moments of tension, of joy, of inspiration and of emotion. The production of the sandals began to bear fruit and like any good teenager, I used part of my profits to amuse myself as such. Of course, with my father always guiding me in the administration of my money.

I continued working in the company with my dad, always learning, always watching detail in detail while my brain, as if it were a separate entity. He devised new ways of improving processes within the company.

I started my university degree in business administration. I knew I was learning a lot, but the ancestral question was still hunting me, … Why am I here?

At the age of eighteen an automobile accident made me reconsider many things and this only increased my desire and impatience to discover my purpose. Fortunately I was unharmed, after a while I contacted Mario, and invited him to join the adventure. I was absolutely sure that he should be with me, that we should be partners. There was just something inside me that told me.

I became independent of my father, and together with Mario we opened our own shoe shop. It was quite an experience, to live the whole process on our own. However after about four months and a few falls, I decided to return to my family company.

I was more determined than ever to find my accomplishment and achieve success. Mario had gone to look for luck on his own. And a new question came to me. Yes, he had to achieve success; But he also had to find a way to help and give back to the world some of his blessings and greatness … to correspond.

Being back with my father, I designed a new shoe. A pair of balerinas with a very original image. I went with a client that I thought would have great interest in obtaining them, but I was wrong. It was one more fall. However, as always my mind was analyzing everything: the situation, the mistakes, the dialogue of previous moments and then, without waiting, my vision was opened. I reminded another person who might be interested in the balerinas he was struggling to put on the market. I visited him, and as if it had been magic, he placed a complete order.

The inspiration came, finally remembering those walks through the parks of years ago. In combination with my desire to excel, and the desire to give something back to the world, the memory of the idea of ​​an ‘ecological’ shoe that had been presented to me and my father a few years ago began to give shape to an idea, which would become a plan.

In my classic weekend talks with Mario, we decided to take the risk, it was our time. We would make an ‘ecological shoe’. To do this, however, one had to understand the concept and the processes accurately; So Mario set about the task of carrying out the necessary research work. We researched materials and started with some tests of certain types of paper, resins, tree bark, but we still did not get to that ecological product we were visualizing.

We continued with the research which also included seeing that other countries of the world were doing similar fields. Failures and failures followed by more and more tests. Soon we try with the prolipopileno and with adhesives in water base; The latter would eliminate the odor of the material samples.

We then began to think of a question that would lead us to the solution of our tests. What material is used so heavily that it can be polluting but possible to reuse or recycle? We started working with PET, and we finally got to an appropriate process. Of course this would only be the actual beginning of the road and other numerous challenges.

Now we needed a name. Playing with words like ‘renovatio’ and inspiring me on mother earth, from which everything comes and to which we must return, we come to the name ‘Renovare’.

Within the investigations and the consultations we realized data of high importance for our purpose as that:  21 million bottles of PET are discarded today.  Only 30% of them are recycled  The rest goes to landfills, rivers, forests, and mainly to the ocean.  Mexico ranks second in the world to consume bottled water.  In the Bajío are the most important recyclers of the country.  Our footwear emits greenhouse gases less CO2, compared to conventional footwear.  In the city of León, Guanajuato concentrates the footwear industry and this gives Renovare a high potential of supply.

Our patent is considered an ecological innovation with cutting edge materials, design and sustainability in a consumer era.

Renovare was born as an environmentally friendly company that tries to convey a message and leave a legacy in the conscience of Mexicans. Let them see that helping to protect our world, our only home, is an achievable task for everyone. Transmit life experiences and demonstrate that it is worth fighting for our dreams no matter how many times we stumble along the way, no matter how many people believe in them or not. Renovare wants to create a culture where Mexicans become aware of the protection of mother earth and confident of themselves in the battle to achieve their goals. For all this is that we are working on the creation of a foundation that represents all these ideals.

Renovare is more than just a shoe, it is a life experience.

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  1. Hola buenas tardes, mi nombre es Pablo Jahir Sánchez Rivera. Estudio en la Universidad de Monterrey, nací en Monterrey, N.L. Actualmente tengo 19 años. Para un proyecto acerca de la estupenda innovación de Renovare elegí esta empresa y esta innovación que será publicada en Aim2Flourish, Como parte del proyecto tengo que realizar una entrevista al fundador de la empresa, en este caso Renovare, la cuál puede ser por Skype, FaceTime, o cualquier otro medio de comunicación, agradecería mucho que me brindaran la oportunidad de poder llevar a cabo está entrevista y por supuesto aprender más sobre está innovación y esta empresa.

    Muchas gracias.

    Pablo Jahir Sánchez Rivera

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