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(Español) Colaboración RENOVARE / MOENIA

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Renovare & PetStar | Sharing a philosophy of life

Last weekend we made a trip that filled us with pride, happiness and above all hope to know that we are not alone in this fight, and that we are increasingly the ones who really want to see a change in the world.

We received the invitation of the PetStar Auditorium Museum to be part of his collection. PetStar seeks sustainability for the benefit of future generations, promoting with concrete actions the correct management and disposal of waste, especially PET.


From now on Renovare will showcase its sustainable products made from recycled pet, where we can reach more people and more importantly, we can share our philosophy of life with them. Renovare and the largest recycler in the world – PetStar – we are in tune and complete congruence with our values ​​and principles of sustainability and care of the environment.

Renovare – Exhibition of our product at the PetStar Museum

We invite you to know more here: http://www.petstar.mx/museo

We are moving forward! Thanks to all those who in one way or another have been with us in this project, from their likes, comments, words of encouragement, to the purchase of a product. Thank you!

  • Feria Magic 2017
  • Colección Magic

Renovare present at the biggest fashion fair in the world

We are conquering new lands and taking our philosophy of life and love for the planet to international lands.

We want to share this great news with you: Renovare through the brand Madame Killer Mx will attend the most important fashion fair in the world – Magic – to be held for the first time in Tokyo, Japan.

In this fair classified as the largest in the world, it will be full of glamor, style, energy and professionalism, marking the difference between events of the same type.

The appointment is this April 26, we will be presenting a concept called MEXICAN COLORFULL TRADITION in which we will transport all the color of the covers, rebozos and the traditional paper chopped to our ecological footwear.

The objective of Renovare is one, to penetrate the world market through this brand sharing with the world our philosophy of life and placing in the name of Mexico on high.

Learn more about Madame Killer MX Here https://www.facebook.com/Madame-Killer-273394156291/?fref=ts

Follow step by step the development of this fair Here: http://www.iff-magic.com/en/


  • Complejo Educativo Hispanoamericano
  • Equipo Renovare compartiendo con personal docente
  • Jovenes del Complejo educativo Hispanoamericano
  • Conferencia Renovare
  • Renovare

Conference Hispanic-American Educational Complex

We are delighted to have the opportunity to present this sustainable reality to the high school youth of the Hispano-American Educational Complex, and share how this dream emerged.

We succeeded in sowing in them the seeds of entrepreneurship and we were able to leave them the principle that by struggling and being persistent, everything that dreams will sooner or later materialize.

“Our values ​​guide our actions”

  • Universidad Tecnológica de Salamanca
  • 3er Foro de Emprendedores
  • Conferencia Renovare
  • Reconocimiento UTS

3rd Forum of Entrepreneurs

November 17, 2016

Many thanks to Universidad Tecnológica de Salamanca – UTS for giving us the opportunity to present this sustainable reality in the 3rd forum of entrepreneurs.

We succeeded in sowing in the seed that dreaming and struggling, whatever you imagined sooner or later would materialize.

  • Alejandro Antonio y Jorge Castro
  • Alejandro Antonio
  • Alejandro Antonio

Collaboration with Alejandro Antonio Jimenez

We are indebted to our great friend, Alejandro Antonio, an actor, producer and director of Hollywood who join this family with great concern for the care of the environment, together we will drive the necessary solutions to have a prosperous and green future.

“Our values ​​guide our actions” Renovare

  • Estudiantes del Colegio Británico escuchando la conferencia Renovare
  • Exposición de productos ecologicos
  • Estudiantes viendo las muestras de los productos Renovare
  • Renovare
  • Maestros compartiendo momentos con el equipo Renovare
  • Colegio Britanico
  • Conferencia Renovare

Conference at the British College

Once again we are fortunate to be with elementary school children. Many thanks to the British school for opening the doors and giving us the great opportunity to present this sustainable reality.

We succeeded in sowing in the seed that dreaming and struggling, whatever you imagined sooner or later would materialize.

“Our values ​​guide our actions” Renovare

Magazine Feature

Renovare is a Leonese company that looks for sustainable footwear and uses PET to make it

Within social entrepreneurship, ecology and sustainability have begun to integrate even minimally to our state; Renovare seeks to be the first Leonese company to make a 100 percent ecological shoe.

Only on September 29, the brand was launched, but the project led by Jorge Castro and Mario López, has been planning, research and development for six years. They, together with the designers Fernanda Aguilar, Zayra Quilantan and Saúl Marín, have taken this dream to reality.

Although long time Jorge Castro, shoemaker family, understood that his goal was to manufacture a different, ecological and sustainable shoe; At the beginning of this project, they first had to understand what sustainability, ecology, what it is to be biodegradable and all the concepts included in this philosophy.

The first prototype was made based on tree bark mixed with a resin that allowed it to be molded into a shape and finished as a usable shoe, although in definition it was not ecological. Thus they continued with experiments, tests and errors, materials that applied in one category and in another not. In this search they realized that to make a truly sustainable shoe they needed to find a material created through waste.

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Colaboration with Esmirna Tapia 2

It is very enriching to coincide with souls whose essence agrees in many ways with our philosophy of life. We share our most recent collaboration with Esmirna Tapia personal style blogger #Renovare #cambiaElCambio


Collaboration with Esmirna tapia

At Renovare we focus on bringing public attention to global environmental issues, driving the solutions needed to have a green future. Meet more of us on the Esmirna Tapia blog with this super trendy Winter look.