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Foundation Renovare | Dreams come true

Sarahí is a beautiful young woman of 14 years, and by circumstances of the life suffers cancer; To a year of being diagnosed with said disease, she continues to struggle harder than ever to recover, face illness and live life to the fullest as only she knows how to do it with courage and most importantly, she comments “that the only way To be with God is Faith. ”


Despite her young age Sarahí’s dream was always to be a military man, full of challenges that throughout his life have filled his being. On this occasion Fundación Renovare fulfilled the dream of Sarahí. Everything started giving the surprise to the team of Dr. Sonrisas, she kept crying for joy, was held in a local hamburger restaurant and shortly after continued the celebration at the Leon Fair.

The next day we just arrived at the eighth military regiment in Irapuato gto, she began to feel nervous … the military gave her her uniform, later she was paid a tribute and her honors to the flag. She knew how a military man lives every day, the military forces of Mexico.

They made her feel part of the team, leaving in her the desire to return and join the army. Sarahi has given us a life lesson, that dreams are possible. Having with himself only one word FE. Renovare Foundation thanks Dr. Sonrisas and the Vlll military zone of Irapuato for their shows of appreciation and solidarity with the renovare foundation and all its equipment. Thank you Sarahí for letting us be part of your life.